Two passions, both dogged and resolute, have guided my life: the need to create and the desire to remedy an insatiable curiosity by exploring and questioning the world around me.

I’m a visual thinker with a knack for words and detail. I believe in creating objects and telling stories that trigger experiences and emotions that help us connect more deeply with ourselves, the world we live in and with those who inhabit it.

As a journalist and artist, I’m increasingly interested in moving stories beyond just paper and words. Often, the projects that resonate with me most cross disciplines and combine a myriad of elements (pictures, audio, video, words, graphics and public interaction) to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. We experience the world with our five senses. Our stories should follow suit.

I’m on a constant chase to stay close to things that make me feel alive. For me, that’s red lipstick and leather jackets, handmade objects and crafting a great story lead. It’s maps and hand-lettered typography, a walk with my dog or a day at the studio.

I write, report, take photos and shoot video. I would like to be a part of a news or features team that believes in telling good stories using a combination of tools or platforms to deliver the most impactful story.  Here are a few of my current and ongoing obsessions: Humans of New York, The Selby and the work from the visuals team at NPR.

If you’re looking to collaborate on a project or just want to say hello, drop me a line at mercer.morgan19@gmail.com. We all start as strangers, but I love nothing more than striking up a conversation with someone to discover their passion and what makes them tick.

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