Taking a Bite out of Saint Dinette

Photo by Morgan Mercer

Photo by Morgan Mercer

Saint Dinette, where chef JD Fratzke combines French influence with the comfort of home. RedCurrent. September 2015.

It’s 5 p.m. on Friday and Saint Dinette slowly stirs to life. Octopus arms soak in a bath of garlic, thyme and laurel. A fresh batch of golden-brown popovers sits on a rack. A container of bright yellow pickled chilies rests on the counter.

The newly-opened Saint Dinette is less than a mile walk from the Strip Club, the popular steak and fish house chef JD Fratzke and Tim Niver first burst onto the food scene with nearly eight years ago. But despite the restaurants proximity to one another, Saint Dinette is anything but an extension of the duo’s flagship location.

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